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First thing standing out when you meet Olympic Final is his cute and sweet face! Secondly his super sweet and easy going personality! Even he is just days at our bran and completely green, you can basically do everything with him and he acts like he knows it all for years. He has a very good active clear walk with good overtrack. His trot you cant stop looking at his super strong, fast and under the body placed hind leg (what makes it very difficult to make decent photo’s) And a powerful canter with lots of action. Also Olympic Final was videoed day after he got shoed for the first time. Far from ideal but due the bad weather coming weeks… So he will only become even more interesting!


Vater For Final
Vater des Vater For Romance
Mutter des Vaters
v.m.v. Dimaggio
Vater der Mutter Expression
Mutter der Mutter
v.m.m. Cabochon